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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Of course this is not the most frequent questions, but we thought they should be. 

    How do I register as an Artist

    You must register on our Website.

    Then go and Edit your profile.

    For a full step by step guide Click Here
    Register Now
    What or Who do you classify as an Artist

    A better question is, do you classify yourself as an artist? 

    We try not to place a limit on what an artist is or should do, but we are thinking of Singers, Musicians, Performing arts (theatre, TV, etc.), Writers (songs, plays, books, etc.), Chefs, etc.

    What is the minimum hours I can book an Artist for

    The one thing we need to understand is that the amount of preparation for 1 hour or 4 hours or an entire evening is more or less the same and therefore some artists may ask you the same fee for 1 hour or 4 hours.

    This said, we recommend the minimum time to be no less than 1 hour

    More FAQs

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