How do I register as an Artist

You need to register on the site first, and then go and edit your profile. For a full article on how to this step by step Click Here

How do I register my Venue

This feature is coming soon...

What is the minimum hours I can book an Artist for
The one thing we need to understand is that the amount of preparation for 1 hour or 4 hours or an entire evening is more or less the same and therefore some artists may ask you the same fee for 1 hour or 4 hours. This said, we recommend the minimum time to be no less than 1 hour
What or Who do you classify as an Artist

A better question is, do you classify yourself as an artist?

We try not to place a limit on what an artist is or should do, but we are thinking of Singers, Musicians, Performing arts (theater, TV, etc.), Writers (songs, plays, books, etc.), Chefs, etc.

How do I contact you

Click Here to go to the Contact Us Page