How To Edit My Profile

If you are already registered, you need to login to the site by clicking on the "User" menu and then Login or just Click Here to Login

Else you need to Register on the site first by Clicking on the "User" menu and then Register or just Click Here to Register

If you are not taken to your profile then you can get to your profile by clicking on the "User" menu and then My Profile or just Click Here to go to your Profile

Now Click on the Cog to Edit your Profile or just Click Here to Edit Your Profile

Here you can click and change your Avatar in the Circle and your Background in the Rectangle. Your listing will look so much more professional if you do.

Tell the world a little bit about yourself just under your name


Your Cell number and date of birth are private fields and will not be displayed on the web, but we may send you a "Happy Happy" on your birth day

These links on the web is all about you and will be displayed on your profile to the public. The YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud links is to your profile / channel / etc. and not to individual videos, tracks, images, etc. That links come later...


Here you select if you are an Artist or not, If you select "Yes" then only will you see the rest of the form.

Tell us What kind of Artist you are, this could be something like Guitarist, Musician, Painter, Photographer, Chef, etc.

And What Genre do you cover, this could me a multitude of things like Classic, Rock, Face / Body Painter, Portrait, Landscape, Solo Drama, etc.

In the Meeting Type section you specify if you are willing to

  • Go to the Client's / Host's Venue
  • Join a Virtual Event / Video Conference Event
  • Host your Client at your own Venue

The Idea is to charge different rates for these different Venues / Meetings


Each Event / Venue type of meeting has its own charge block that is more or less the same so we will only handle one.

Select how you want to charge for this meeting type, The idea is that for a Virtual Meeting you do not need to travel and could easily charge per hour, whereas if you need to travel to a venue then you may need to charge differently and again if the client needs to travel to your venue then possibly you need to charge more as the client may need to use your equipment.

Now state how much South African Rand you will charge for the selected charge type, for instance R2,000 per half day (normally 4 hours) or R200 per hour

Select if Travel and accommodation is included in the price. If you select "No" or "To be arranged on booking" then there will be an additional text box for you to supply extra information. An example may be that you charge R10 per KM outside of PTA and that the hoast must supply accommodation for 3 people.

In "Who supply What" please be very specific and detailed, if the Client must supply their own food for a Chef experience then you need to state this, or if you will supply the PA system, etc.

Under "My Work as an Artist" is where you can show off your work. We currently supply space for 9 x YouTube videos, 9 x SoundCloud Tracks and 6 x Photos.

And that is it. Click Update and all is done.